IRCAD France:
Where it all started

In 1994, Frenchman, doctor and teacher, Jacques Marescaux founded the first unit of IRCAD. He sought, in an innovative way, to align the surgical techniques of the time with the technology, increasingly spread by several sectors. The idea was put into practice and a training and medical research center was created, initially at the University Hospital of Strasbourg.

IRCAD wins
the world

The IRCAD brand became a benchmark and, in 2008, expanded its activities to Asia with the inauguration of a unit in Taiwan. Later, in 2011, the unit in Brazil was built, thanks to the joint efforts of the president of the Barretos Cancer Hospital, Henrique Prata, and the IRCAD scientific director, Armando Melani.

IRCAD Latin America:
the largest structure
of the continent

The great structure of the Brazilian Institute is located in Barretos (SP), a city close to several airports and ready to receive professionals from all over the world. Until 2016, IRCAD Latin America has exceeded the number of 6,900 trained students and has 97% approval in its courses. This recognition is due to the combination of state-of-the-art technologies and innovative techniques.

The unit was the result of a partnership with the Pio XII Foundation, responsible for the Cancer Hospital, which is also the largest Cancer Treatment and Prevention Center on the continent. IRCAD still has partnerships with globally recognized industries such as Medtronic and KarlStorz, making it the leading infrastructure reference for medical expertise in all Latin countries.

More and more
latin american

Through an alliance with UnitedHealth Group, Ircad América Latina has another training center in Brazil, at the Americas Medical City in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The unit works alongside the head office in Barretos (SP) to complement the course curriculum and leverage the training expertise offered, providing specialization courses for more and more surgeons worldwide.



Jaques Marescaux



Scientific Director

Diretor Científico



Henrique Duarte Prata

Chairman Hospital
de Amor de Barretos

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Luis Gustavo C. Romagnolo

Scientific Coordinator

Rio de Janeiro


Dr. Paulo César Silva Pereira de Souza

Teaching and Research Director